Can you print what you want on the glass?
As long as the resolution of the picture is good enough, we can digitally print whatever you want.
What resolution is the minimum requirement if I want to use my own picture?
The minimum requirement on an image file is 1MB. Ultimately, we want such large files as possible. We reserve the right that we have to look at the picture before we can determine whether we can print it..
How much damage can the glass take?
All kinds of glass that comes from glamiTEC AS is tempered glass. It is very durable and resistant of strokes from boilers, knives and similar kitchen.
Are there many designs/patterns to choose from?
Under Kitchen/View our designs you will find our selection of designs.
What is the cost of the different designs?
It does not cost extra to use our design. The print is included in the inquiry you get from one of our dealers. It is also free to use your own image. Subject to that image is proportioned with glass measure. Additional customization / design job may apply a surcharge.
What is the maximum size of the glass?
Maximum length of the glass is 3.18 meters/125 inches. 
How thick is the glass?
The default size of the glass for use in the kitchen is 6 mm (15⁄64 inch) feet. We also supply glass from 2 mm (5⁄64 inch) feet to 50 mm (131⁄32 inch).

Surveying, assembly and delivery

What is the delivery time?
From it are made measures of the kitchen or the order is submitted to us – the delivery time is 4 weeks for shipping from us.
How do the glass from glamiTEC get delivered?
All glass from glamiTEC is delivered to the address provided either by forwarding agent or with one of our technicians for assembly.
How long does the survey take?
In normal cases, it takes a maximum of one hour to take measurements.
How long does it take to assemble the glass?
A normal kitchen with 2-3 glasses often takes no more than one hour to assemble.
How do I assemble the design glass?
Glass (with print) are fixed with adhesive or mirror screws. This is optional.
How to attached the design glass on the countertop?
You can choose from our own aluminum profile, glue or mirror screws on the bottom. We recommend in most cases the use of aluminum profile since this allows us to seal the glass with grout.
How to attach clear glass and frosted glass?
These types of glass can not be pasted as they are partially transparent. This means we can use the mirror screws to fasten the top and possibly bottom if you don’t want aluminum profile.
Can aluminum profile be used on frosted and clear glass?
Yes it can.
Can the glass be attached on all types of walls? (Plaster, masonry, wood, etc.?)
The glass can be attached on all kinds of walls with different plugs.
Can you customize the glass?
Glass from glamiTEC is highly customizable in millimeters.
How is the glass spliced?
The glass is set flush and the joint is hardly seems. The design continues over as if it is no joint.
Can I have glass on internal/external corners?
The glass can be adapted to all types of corners with and without aluminum profile.

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